Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Sandavic Kralı also has important and reachable goals as every other brand. Our goal is to be present and reach to every province and district in the Republic of Turkey. We want to make our investments together with the citizens of our own country for the provide employment and development of our country. Today, with 26 branches of ours, more than 170 people is employed. We are a big family together with our wholesalers, suppliers and personnel. This is a beautiful chain and we always try to make more than we can for our brand. We work together as a whole to be a bigger family. Our goal is to expand our brand in the best way. Become a part of our brand that we founded from scratch only with domestic capital and without any help, and let’s grow together.

Our Mission

We stepped on the road as Sandavic Kralı by asking why shouldn’t a Turkish brand become one of the leading ones in the sector of fast-food. In this time, we served thousands of people with our accessible products, quality service, friendly and trained staff. It made us very happy to see the content of the customers, their thankfulness and the shine in their eyes after finishing their food. We believe that we came a long way in the sector to prove ourselves, together with the infrastructure, the support we provide for the branches, the constant r&d work of Onur Elmali to keep our menu active and up to date, they all participate in carrying our branches to a good point.

We keep working with the same diligence and performance in all of our work and the branches we open. What is important was the growth of our brand and family, and we reached to a great point in the middle of 2021 and increased our branches from 8 to 26. Together with the investors and investor candidates like you, we will keep reaching our goals for the upcoming years as well. Our main goal is to reach 50 branches within the year of 2023. In our goals for 2025, we see ourselves as the best growing global brand of Turkey that pays importance to innovation and serves at least in 10 countries.




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